Mariel Bass Works

Mariel Bass


Mariel Bass studied fine art and glass at Massachusetts College of Art, where she first discovered the art of glass blowing and earned a bachelor of fine art degree in 2005. She has attended workshops at well-known craft schools throughout the U.S., such as Pilchuck in Washington, Haystack School of Crafts in Maine, and Corning Glass in New York. She worked for several glass studios in the New England area before relocating to St. John, USVI in 2008 where she ran a recycled hot glass studio for five years. In 2013 Mariel moved to St. Petersburg, FL to take a job as a gaffer and studio manager for Duncan McClellan. Mariel has had the pleasure of working with many renowned glass masters since moving to St. Petersburg, where she continues to create small and large scale works of art in glass for both public and private commission, as well as her own line of one of a kind glass sculpture.

Artist Statement

For nearly thirteen years, molten glass has been my primary artistic medium of choice. Over time, glassblowing has presented me with endless challenges, technical and metaphorical lessons, and inspiration through its wealth of range and possibilities. I find I can employ traditional techniques in new and exciting ways to achieve a unique look. I use both linear and narrative or asymmetrical pattern to reveal the incredible contrast, depth and optical qualities of glass. Made through a dance shared by maker and material, my sculptures aim to capture fluidity and movement of the process, the texture and beauty of a perfectly unique moment frozen in time. Through a combination of nature-inspired realism and a twist of dream-like imagination, I use recognizable forms as a canvas to express or feeling or idea that is not limited by realistic representation. Moreover I strive to enhance a viewer’s daily experience by adding a sense of grace, beauty and intrigue to their environment.