Eli Veerkamp Works


Eli Veerkamp was born in Lawrence KS, and grew up spending as much time outside as possible. It was camping and fishing trips with his family early in life, and later mountain biking and backpacking. He brought his affinity for plants and animals with him when he moved to Arcata, CA in 1997, intending to study wildlife biology at the local University. Upon arriving he discovered glassblowing and knew at once that it was his calling. Early on he was mostly self-taught, but later had the privilege to study with Brian Kerkvliet, Robert Mickelsen, Lucio Bubacco, Mike Warren and John Kobuki. Those experiences had a great impact on how he works with glass and also how he views it. Eli's connection to the natural world has led him to put down roots on a rural property where the redwoods meet the prairie. It is in this setting, accompanied by his wonderful wife and two amazing sons, that Eli finds daily inspiration that fuels his work as a glass artist.

Artist Statement

I am blessed to live with my wife and two sons amongst the Redwoods. As I work in the studio, I look out my window. In this special forest, I find ample inspiration. In my warm little home lives the best motivation. I feel a strong connection here to Mother Earth, Father Sun, and the Great Spirit of the Universe. As my hands turn and I shape the glass, I seek to share a little of the magic that I am lucky enough to feel every day.