Debra Adelson

Debra Adelson


Debra Adelson always knew, even from the earliest age, that she would be an artist. Crayons, paint, and glue were the main components of her childhood. At Tyler School of Art, she was introduced to the metals studio, and was instantly hooked. Holding a jewelers’ saw in her hand for the first time, she knew she had found her passion. As a student she focused on tableware as well as jewelry. She is a natural object maker. she is a sculptor intent on creating pieces that stand the test of time.

Debra's work as an artist is constantly evolving. She continuously experiments with new ideas and new techniques, though she stays grounded in the past. She is fascinated with the centuries old Bohemian cold work glass technique. Cold working does not use heat, but rather water to keep the glass cool while manipulating it using abrasives such as sandblasting, grinding, drilling and cutting. When designing her work, the materials help guide her design choices.

Artist's Statement

I am inspired by the natural world and our relationship to it. My pieces pay homage to changing forces that shape our landscape—both natural and manmade. I seek to create harmony in my work, and find balance between our need to shape our environment while preserving and respecting the natural world. Each series begins with a distinct inspiration or concept. I base the initial piece on an image, a moment in nature and experiment to come up with my ‘visual language’ that tells a story for the series. As each piece progresses, my work evolves, and becomes more abstract. I seek to capture fleeting beauty and encourage the viewer to think about their own relationship to the natural world.