Marc & Wendy Zoschke Works

Marc & Wendy Zoschke

“Vetro Caldo” is Italian for hot glass. Marc and Wendy Zoschke's work started off with a fascination with glass. But what they saw available simply wasn’t enough to satisfy their desires, so they created their own jewelry that has taken glass and silver jewelry to a completely different level.  Their work is very unique, something their customers take pride in owning.  As they work on new pieces, they keep coming up with new directions and designs. It is like learning something new every day.

Marc Zoschke: As a professional photographer with a background in graphic arts and design.  I see jewelry in buildings, serene landscapes, the crashing waves of the ocean, automobiles, etc.  As a child I lived in Europe and Japan, and that has been the biggest influence in my life and my art.  I have a Bachelors degree in product design from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois.

Wendy Zoschke: My view on life has always been a bit off kilter and that really comes out in the jewelry.  I like simple lines, but add a funk that brings a style of its own to each and every piece.  I believe that art should be lived, felt and experienced and if one of my pieces can do that for someone then I’m satisfied and blessed.  I have always been a creative person, from my commercial art background to the 12 years of stained glass experience I have had.  And now with the jewelry I have finally found my calling.


Marc and Wendy start with art glass and dichroic glass sheets.  Numerous elements are added to the glass “tiles” which are then fired numerous times. The glass tiles are then cut into shapes that bring out the most interest in each piece of jewelry. Those shapes are then ground and polished. Once the “stone” is finished, sterling silver, copper, or brass is hand formed to accentuate its shape. In some cases semi-precious stones are included in the design to add another layer of interest.