Priscilla Robinson Works


Priscilla Robinson divides her time since 1989 between studios in Austin, Texas and Taos, New Mexico. In the early 1980’s she began working with handmade paper and 10 years ago she began incorporating fused glass with her fiber pieces.

Robinson’s work has been shown in the Holland Paper Biennale and The International Triennale in Charmey, Switzerland. She exhibits regularly in national and international galleries and has created commissions for Boston University, Chevron, Vanderbilt University, Mayo Clinic, and Kaiser Permanente.

Artist's Statement

Fragments of thoughts that have interrelationships are fit together to form my art pieces.  Shapes interconnect and units form a larger whole. I am attracted to texture, materials and luminosity.

I combine acrylic paint, polycarbonate, cast and fused glass, metal and handmade paper made from many different kinds of plants.  Paper made by hand is sometimes used with its natural coloration or sometimes it is submerged in glorious color allowing its surface and textural possibilities to express itself.

My artwork is my personal interpretation of the recurrent themes of wholeness and natural change.  My pieces are nature, not just about nature.