Ann Klem Works


After a career in computers, Ann Klem dove into creating lampworked beads in her studio in Fisherville, Kentucky. She is a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers and a juried member of the Louisville Artisan’s Guild and the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. Her beads and finished jewelry are showing at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Gallery and the Glassworks Gallery in Louisville, KY.

Artist Statement

Although I have admired and touched glass for many years, I can now indulge my passion for it and its intrigue first hand. Making glass beads now give me a chance to explore the fluid forms of glass and how colors react with each other. I enjoy the challenge melting glass provides because it often has its own idea of where to go and how to behave.

I draw my inspiration from my love of strong colors and from images in my environment to design both the handcrafted beads and the finished jewelry. Birch trees, for example, inspired the trails of black or color around the beads.

Above all, having my creations worn is important to me.