Heather Trimlett

Heather Trimlett

Heather Trimlett is a highly respected teacher and flameworking artist. Her knowledge of glass beadmaking is extensive, shaped by almost 25 years at the torch. Heather’s work approaches perfection and pushes the envelope in shape and form. Her beads are vibrant in their color and enthusiastic design just like she is, using a color palette that is a crisp and clean mix of primary colors.

Heather's first attempt at beadmaking was in 1989 when the American glass bead movement was in its infancy. By 1992 she had an oxygen & propane torch and in 1993 she attended her first SGB Gathering in Prescott, AZ and met an organized group of people doing the same thing.

Teaching her first class in 1994, Heather has had packed classrooms across the U.S. and Canada ever since. She is a natural instructor - encouraging, demonstrative and patient. It is the questions from her many students that make her study each and every move of her hands or the position of her glass in the flame while she is working. She loves knowing her work this well.

A born problem solver, Heather has also designed tools to make her glass beadmaking easier. Her other passion is sharing her knowledge of beadmaking with others and she has written tutorials to do just that.

Heather Trimlett loves making beads and has no intention of slowing down any time soon.

Artist Statement

You would think I was inspired by color when you look at my work, but often my biggest pleasure comes from the technical challenge. I strive to push the envelope in shape and form. As with most things, simple is hard to do well and I am a perfectionist. Every bead I make has some little thing in it I've tried to do better than the last bead I made. I love the bright energy of primary colors and hope I will always be as vibrant and enthusiastic as those colors are.