Jeremy Popelka Works

Jeremy Popelka

Artist's Statement

I find that I am revisiting art history and especially abstract art fundamentals of the twentieth century.

I work on a series of pieces technically based on the Murrini process, which involves creating mosaic elements used in a grid pattern in blown vessels.  I was originally taken by the idea of a clear pattern embellishing an elegant form.  After some trial and error, I began to see certain color choices and patterning working better than others do.  It also became clear that I could get information and inspiration from classic paintings that in some way convey a strong pattern and/or a color statement.  Some of the artists I have been revisiting have included Gustav Klimpt, Piet Mondrian, Mark Rothko, and Vasilly Kandinsky.  A woman at the New Orleans Jazz Festival recently commented “Klimpt” when looking at one of my pieces, which surprised me as if she read my mind somehow.  I am certainly not trying to impersonate other artist’s works but I think you are swimming upstream if you don’t recognize where the current is coming from.