Patricia Toole

Trained at the Fine Arts Department of Texas Tech, as well as Geneseo State University in New York, Tricia majored in Advertising and Commercial Art.  She has studied both privately and in small class settings with many jewelry designers over her lifetime.  Tricia has explored many different art forms including oil and acrylic painting, designing her own clothing line, stained glass, lampwork, knitting, and jewelry design. She is still studying under her mentor from high school, Elizabeth Knodle.


“I like my designs to be very unusual and out of the ordinary with a touch of frivolity.  You should only wear jewelry and clothing that makes you feel beautiful.” 


Her curly, bouncy portrayal of jewels and stones dancing really appeals to her sense of play.  The long necklaces are very versatile; they can be doubled and worn as a multi-strand necklace or doubled again and worn as a bracelet.  Tricia knew that she had developed a successful design line when strangers started buying the jewelry right off her neck!