Kevin Prochaska

I am considered a master glassblower, versatile in all styles of lampwork utilizing colored or crystal borosilicate. When I was little, I marveled at the collection of intricate glass figurines that decorated my sister's room. I became determined to learn the trade when I was 17 years old so I began reading books about the art and started to experiment on my own. In 1977, I began my professional career as a glass artist at Disneyland CA where I met my wife of 31 years. As a Disneyland glassblower for more than a decade, I enjoyed working for the guests and celebrities who would sometimes watch for hours. I've been fortunate to have my work appear in various television specials, feature length films, and even at the White House.

I use borosilicate for my bracelets because of its tremendous strength and clarity. It is a forgiving glass with acute memory that maintains integrity through fairly immediate plunges into the flame.