Bernadette Fuentes

As a child, her father introduced Bernadette to beads. Father and daughter worked with seed beads, ranging in sizes 12-18, creating traditional Native American designs with a contemporary feel. Bernadette had a passion for beads, although seed beading never advanced beyond a hobby.


Then in 1991 Bernadette attended an Art Show, which introduced her to handmade glass beads, Bernadette's life was forever changed.


Bernadette’s work has gotten her recognition over the years. She has been featured in Lapidary Journal and was on the cover of the Buyer's Guide. Her glass art was featured in The Crafts Report. Bernadette was honored when chosen to create the commemorative bead for the Bead & Button Show. Her beads were featured in Lapidary Journal's Step by Step Magazine. Her wedding series was featured in Beads Unique and she was asked to be a demonstrator at the International Society of Glass Beads Makers Conference. She has also been involved as a member and instructor for Craft Art Edu.


Each bead is created individually using ancient techniques. Using a stationary torch, fueled with propane and oxygen, glass rods are heated to the consistency of honey and manipulated to create each bead. Then they are put into a kiln to insure stability. Over the past years she has worked with Moretti and Bulls Eye glass.


Bernadette is known for her unique color combinations done by mixing of colors, fuming with fine metals, such as fine silver and 24kt gold. Bernadette's favorite techniques are clear encasing and building canes.


Over the years Bernadette has felt blessed to do what she loves best and cannot imagine a life any different.