Danielle Blade/Stephen Gartner Works

Danielle Blade/Stephen Gartner

Gartner Blade Art Glass

Since forming a working partnership in 1995, we have worked together on a daily basis sharing our individual talents and skills, building a team spirit of timing and anticipation so essential to the success of our art glass pieces.  Each piece is created using traditional off hand blowing and sculpting techniques.  The colors and designs in each piece are achieved by layering various powdered glasses over the molten core of clear glass.  The colors are then heated and cooled while being manipulated in various ways to create the desired effect.  Finally another layer of molten clear glass is added, the piece is then blown or sculpted to its final form.  No molds are used in the creation of the pieces.  Due to the unpredictable nature of these processes each piece has distinct characteristics making it unlike any other.

Danielle Blade

Born 1967 in the Isle of Wight England, Danielle was making glass while most girls were still playing with their dolls.  Apprenticed to her father, Martin Evans, a renowned sculptor and glassmaker working from his studio on the Island, she showed her talent in the exacting medium of glass early on.  Danielle moved to the United States, which she now regards as the natural home for her talents in 1985 and over the last twelve years has worked with many prominent glass artists culminating in the setting up with Steve Gartner of their studio.

Stephen Gartner

Born in Phoenix Arizona in 1963, Steve spent his early years living in Naples Italy where no doubt his first love of glass germinated.  Returning with his family to the United States he attended school in Charleston, South Carolina.  He studied as an engineer and also served a period of military service both of which proved valuable experiences in the setup and running of the studio.  Stephen began his glassmaking career apprenticed as a glass sculptor then realizing that his real potential could best be expressed in glassblowing threw his creative energy and design flair into the collaboration which is now Gartner Blade Art Glass.