Jason Marstall Works

Born in Tucson, Arizona in 1984, Jason has been interested in glass objects since childhood and began blowing glass in 2003 through a cooperative program between SGS and the University of Arizona. Today, he continues to build his repertoire of advanced skills in all disciplines of glass art. Awards and distinctions include the Arizona Designer Craftsman Award for Art in Craft Media (2006); An assistant to Laura Donefer and Jeff Mack for the Corning Museum of Glass Artist in Residency Program and 3rd Place in the 2013 Tucson Glass Festival. Jason’s perpetually evolving style is apparent in his diverse array of work, from studies in blown forms and figurative sculpture to fine Venetian goblets and large carved vessels. His quest for knowledge and technique in glass is an endless endeavor, and his work is often done in series in order to fully investigate, develop, experiment with a particular technique.

His figures are sculpted from solid hot glass. The vessels on the figures are blown and hand carved, then reheated and attached hot. The surface texture is from a chemical concoction called scavo, (from the term excavate), sifted onto the hot glass. This mimicks the texture and color of glass excavated from the sites of ancient civilizations. These pieces are from a short lived series and not a production line. Each one is absolutely one of a kind.