Margot Gotoff Works

Margot Gotoff

"Being a sculptor is my life-long passion. It is the essence of who I am. It is also how I explain myself to the world. It occupies my every waking minute – thinking about the next piece I will do. At the same time, I may be excitedly awaiting the latest sculpture to come out of the annealing oven."

Margot Gotoff's influences come from the art she experienced while growing up in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Sculpture’s power and substance are two aspects she learned to experience and appreciate from her father, a sculptor in his own right.

The beauty and complexity of the human form are the inspiration for everything she creates. She uses the body to convey psychological insights, to draw in ger viewers, and to encourage them to interpret the underlying message in her work.

The many challenges of her medium, cast glass, continue to both test and excite her when creating modern glass art. Its luminosity and color continue to captivate.