Ken Rosenfeld Works


Ken Rosenfeld's paperweight expertise evolved from a formal art and technical background. He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of California and a Master's of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University as well as over twenty years of studio and scientific glasswork. He chose to pursue a career in lampwork paperweights because of the creative and technical challenges of glass as a medium. His glass art is documented in several current books and is included in the permanent collections

Artist’s Statement

I have always been attracted to small precious objects. To me, it is perfectly natural and logical to work with the paperweight form. The slick, glass surface and reassuring weight of the piece are very satisfying. The circular shape is one of the most basic and primal in existence. The idea of sealing an aesthetically created image under a dome of glass has a magical quality to it. How can it be floating, suspended in the middle of the sphere? The curved surface adds to mystery, because one can never tell exactly how big or small the encased image is due to magnification. One has visual access to work, but it can never be touched; it is sealed forever.