Hayden Wilson Works

Hayden Wilson grew up in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.  As a child he was exposed to a very creative environment as his father was a glassblower and his mother a potter. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in sculpture from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  During this time he focused on metal fabrication and foundry work. As a second generation glass maker, he has been around glass his entire life, but only started working professionally as a glass blower and caster in 2010.

He has been an assistant instructor in the glass studio at Penland School of Craft, in Penland, North Carolina and also at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington state. Hayden has also worked at Jackson County Green Energy Park building equipment as well as teaching glass and metal foundry classes.

He currently works with glass artist Alex Bernstein and manages the Asheville Glass Centers hot shop, a public access studio that focuses on art glass making as well as offering an array of classes. Hayden creates his work there.

Hayden's work conveys his aesthetic of clean lines and inspired by modern, utilitarian design.  He works with utilitarian vessels, as well as steel and cast glass sculptures.