Bonnie Hinz Works

Bonnie Hinz

Though fascinated with glass from childhood, and always having a creative nature, Bonnie did not begin working with glass until adulthood. She dabbled with stained glass while working as an interior designer. Frustrated by the “flatness” of stained glass, Bonnie yearned for a three-dimensional glass experience. After attending a blown glass exhibit at a nearby museum, she was inspired to pursue her passion by studying glass blowing at Anoka-Ramsey Community College for four years, while continuing to work full time. She then built a glass blowing studio at her home, and has been working there since 2004.

During this time she also began developing ways to incorporate metal with glass, and took several classes through the Guild of Metal smiths to refine her skills. The strong, industrial and durable nature of metal and how it can work in harmony with the fragile, organic nature of glass captivates her. She works with both blown and fused glass and enjoys combining glass and metal into seamlessly integrated designs.