Ricky Bernstein

Our jewelry inspiration is drawn from the ancient beading traditions of cultures from around the world and throughout the ages.  We create jewelry that enhances the inherent beauty of our multi-layered, colorful, hand-blown glass beads.  Our designs contribute to the timeless tradition of beaded jewelry as valued objects of adornment.

We handcraft beads in the 2000-year-old methods of furnace blown glass.  The multi-layered effect is achieved through a careful layering process using a colored center core, followed by several layers of clear glass to achieve depth.  While the 2000 degree glass is formed on the blowpipe the molten glass is stretched to form a 25-foot long tube.  The tubes called “cane”, are cut into small sections and tumbled for 20 hours to soften the edges – much like a shard of glass on the beach.  Each bead is then fire polished to 1350 degrees to achieve clarity, brilliance and durability.  Findings are sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil with the addition of cultured, fresh water pearls.