Stephanie Fluke Works


Stephanie grew up in Texas, but has vacationed in Colorado since childhood. Her love of the mountains--and especially the aspens that live there--has lured her back ever since. She now splits her time between Austin and Pagosa Springs.

Stephanie, a mathematics professor, began working with fused glass in 2004. What began as a way to express her creative side has evolved into a second career. In 2007, she began studying fused glass at East by South East Studies in Austin, under the guidance of Glenda Kronke and Flo Vasquez. She has also studied under other talented glass artists, including Paula Kenmuir, Robert Leatherbarrow and Amy Schlief-Mohr.

Artist Statement

The rustle of branches, the contrast of golden leaves against a crisp fall sky--those are the images that lured me to Colorado and made me into a hiker in the first place. After moving to Pagosa Springs in 2008, I started recreating those images in thick layers of vibrantly-colored glass. Each piece in my current Fall Aspen Series offers a different perspective of what I see--and feel--whenever I lace up my boots and head outdoors.