Donna Felkner


I have been doing arts & crafts since high school so my knowledge comes from a lifetime of experience and experiments.  In 1984, I took a stained glass class and was soon making windows, doors and sidelights. Next came lampshades, 3D and then kaleidoscopes.  Talk about lessons in color, form, symmetry, order and chaos.  I learned how to balance them all and how these elements interact with each other.  It was when I decided to make my 'scopes' completely from scratch, instead of using broken glass and hobby store beads in my chambers, that I was launched into lampworking.  I took a lampworking class at Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass in Dallas and learned to make my bobbles.  That was when I realized how much fun it was to just make the beads and my career was born.


My beads were featured in two jewelry creations by Red Ocean for the Beadwork Magazine issue Stringing, Spring 2005.


I am also proud to be one of the artists featured in Corina’s Spotlight on Magic Color Reactions.       


Bead Review 2005 is a collection of "The year's exceptional art glass beads" and I am proud to be included in its pages.