Andrew Pyle Works

Nunwell Glass was created by glass artist Andrew Pyle, born 1956 in Reading, England, and Leslie French, born 1962 in Milford, Connecticut.  Nunwell provides an identity for the work the couple has been producing collectively since 1987.


Andrew and Leslie are largely self-educated.  Believing in the age-old wisdom of “learning at the hand of the master”, the couple have worked at many of the top glass studios in the Northeast, and have studied with some of the nation’s most prominent glass artists.

The two continue expanding their experience through museum and gallery visits and by networking with other artists.  Keen book collectors, they have a comprehensive collection covering all aspects of glassworking.

Nunwell’s pieces are inspired by a combination of things, including the love of historical art and architecture, the appreciation of precision craftsmanship, and a sense of humor essential in tempering life’s journey.