Polly Gessell Works

Polly Gessell has been designing and executing sand-etched works in glass for architectural and residential commissions since 1980.  In 1986, the state of Texas requested that she translate a world peace mandala into a 48" circular light sculpture as a gift to the State of South Australia.

Gessell's strength lies within the sculptural characteristics that bring the qualities of light and depth to flat glass.  The highest standards of craftsmanship are applied to all pieces, whether they measure four inches or forty feet. She is renowned for excavating richly textured layers and for blasting impossibly intricate forms. Indeed, no other sandblast artist today achieves the depth of excavation and the multi-faceted texturing that she does in what she lovingly calls her “glass-scapes.”  Her understanding of light and form, from balancing the interplay of context and playfulness is evident in all of her work.

A variety of sandblasted glass-scapes can be found in Wolfgang Puck Restaurants around the world.  Gessell’s work has been commissioned by Aetna, American Airlines, Burger King, CineMark, First USA Bank, Hall Financial, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Rolex, and Webb Financial.

Her art resides in public and private collections in Australia, Dubai, France, Guam, Kuwait, Japan, and the USA.