Continuing Glass Fusing

This series is designed to give you, as a fuser, experiences beyond the initial course.  The time is yours to develop your own projects, or a core project will be available.  Help will be available to set your concepts in motion and the synergy of the class will inspire us all. 

The first session will explore techniques that will be fully fused.  Raking, inclusions (organic or metallic), scraffito, bas relief, picture frames, or color bars are directions that can be taken.  The kiln will go to 1500 degrees (10 minute hold). 

During the second session, medium heat techniques will be explored.  The use of frits and powders, tack fusing and vessels can be done in this 1400 degree kiln (10 minute hold). 

The third session will be devoted to use of paints and enamels, kiln forming and fire polishing in a 1300 degree kiln (10 minute hold). 

Your shelf size will be 10” x 10” with 9” x 9” of fusible space.  For projects that are bigger, the other kilns are available to be rented.

  • Class limited to 10 students
  • Tuition $260
  • Students will need to provide their own tools, glass, and supplies for this course.
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